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Moderator Application (Accepted) Empty Moderator Application (Accepted)

Post by denon39 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:31 pm

Name: Dennon Meiklejohn

IGN (In Game Name): denon39

Age: 14

Email, Skype, etc: d.j.meiklejohn (skype)

Hours Dedicated to Server: I have played for a week at about 5-10 hours a day

How often can you be online? 5-10 hours a day if needed.

Past Staff Experiences: I have run a regular minecraft server for 6 months tekkit for about 1 month and am very experienced with plugins and dealing with players when it comes to banned items or just in general help with stuff.

What do you plan to Accomplish with this Rank?: I am 14, yes but I can bring maturity to your staff, you said that you guys would like some mature staff and I can bring that level of maturity as well. I am only 14 but am a high school senior, I skipped 3 grades and am very intelligent.
I take business classes and know how to conduct myself in a proper manner. Yes, I don't do that at the moment on the server but if i receive a rank i will mature up and be a moderator you would not have to remove.

Also i am very good in C++ and Java so i can help out with any plugin issues, and creation of plugins i have made a few plugins you can google solar apocalypse plugin to see my latest. Thanks for reading this Smile


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