Basic Forcefields

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Basic Forcefields Empty Basic Forcefields

Post by mobyduck321 on Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:05 pm

Forcefield core
Forcefield EU injector
MFFS area projector
blank MFFS card
Power (EU)
First you put the Forcefield EU injector on the botom. Then put the Forcefield core on top and put a lever on the side. Finaly put the MFFS area projector on top op the forcefield coreit should be a 3 by 1 pole. This is the base of the forrcefield. Put the blank MFFS card in the Forcefield core. It should change color. Then take it out and put in the MFFS area projector. Then conect it to the power and it should make a box of redstone looking things around you. Very Happy

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