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Post by mobyduck321 on Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:31 pm

You should learn how to make a basic forcefield before you make an advanced forcefield.
Basic Forcefield
Forcefield Camouflage Upgrade
Forcefield Zapper Upgrade
Forcefield Underwater Upgrade
Forcefield Dome Upgrade
Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade
Put all the upgrades next to the forcefield core or next to an upgrade.
Forcefield Camouflage Upgrade - Can change the redstone block into any block you want.
Forcefield Zapper Upgrade - Deals 3 hearts to a player if they touch it.
Forcefield Underwater Upgrade - Deletes all the water inside the forcefield.
Forcefield Dome Upgrade - Makes the forcefield have a 2 block space from the ground up.
Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade - Marks where the forcefield will be when you turn it on.
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