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Post by JMR5555 on Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:31 pm

Two days ago i was 1 HIT K0 killed by a Diamond Warhammer. As we all know they have a ability to be charged and to be able to 1 hit k0 a player that has 1 or more piece of rm or dm armor. So let me get to the point Full quat is banned but the Warhammers and battle axes arnt? With this wepon unbanned this could lead to major corruption to the server. People will rage quit off such server just because they have been 1hit killed by a cheep wep and they had rm and dm armor. Please take this in consideration in to banning these two types of wepons. I am not doing this for the safety of me i am doing it for the safety of this server. JMR5555 Out. affraid

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Overpowerd Unbanned wepons Empty Re: Overpowerd Unbanned wepons

Post by Scoapimp on Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:46 pm

It takes skill to get in the One hit with The Diamond hammer. you need to get a head shot for it to work.
Quantum give the player 100% DMG absorption which requires no skill at all.

My Suggestion, is to craft a Diamond hammer of your own so you can be on par.
Always move, and jump when fighting. Making it much much harder to get hit with it.
People in DM and RM armor have a lot of defense and with a Life stone they're unstoppable. So in some maner this levels that playing field.

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