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Post by mobyduck321 on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:51 pm

There are many different pipes that do different things.

Transport Pipes and waterproof pipes

Cobblestone Pipes - Let items or liquids go through them.
Wooden Pipes - Put it next to the thing you are pumping from nest to the engine
Golden Pipes - If redstone applied it will shoot the item or liquid through the pipes
Iron Pipe - makes the item or liquid go one way
Diamond Pipe - Exstracts the items into more than one pipe
Obsidian Pipe - Pulls the items into the pipes

Conductive Pipes

Stone Pipes - lets the electricity go through it but looses it the longer it is
Wooded Pipes - lets you pump the electricity through the pipes
Golden Pipes - Does the same as stone pipes except does not loose electricity as it goes on

Teleport pipes can be transport, waterproof, or conductive and teleport the things to another teleport pipe Very Happy


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